About TEL- Close the distance

Get to know what TEL – Close the distance is all about

Rail freight between Europe, the CIS and Asia has become increasingly important as transport costs have risen and environmental awareness has grown. To meet these new demands, in early 2008 Deutsche Bahn AG and the Russian Railways (RZD) founded Trans Eurasia Logistics GmbH. The main goal was to close the distance between Europe, CIS and Asia.

Our rail transport solutions are ideal for shipping valuable and heavy freight internationally. We’re a high-performance company, and we offer products and services as efficient and innovative as we are – at market driven prices.

We function with the combined expertise of Deutsche Bahn and Russian Railways, and are continually expanding by establishing new connections and custom-products for multinational companies.

The demand for rail products and logistic solutions between Asia, Russia, Central Asia, and Europe will continue to increase – and we’ll be here to help.