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TEL - Your strong partner for connecting Asia, Europe, & CIS by rail.

We offer terminal to terminal container transport
with the option to book pre- and on-carriage services.


Cheaper than Air. Faster than Sea.

Sea freight has high capital costs, is slow, and is only available for specially equipped ports. Air freight is expensive, low-capacity, and harms the environment. Rail freight is high-capacity, reliable, environmentally friendly, and covers long distances quickly across Europe, Russia, and Asia.


Protecting the environment is a responsibility we all share.

Our trains produce approximately 92% less C02 emission on air freight, and less than one-third of the emissions produced by road.
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Reliable & Safe

Weather doesn’t affect rail. Weekends don’t affect rail. Rail doesn’t stop - and neither do we. With our custom security options and full-service support, you can be confident your freight will arrive safely and on time.
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I am like a freight train.
Working on the details, twisting them and playing with them over the years,
but always staying on the same tracks